Your Septic Tank And Drainage Problems Solved

Let us resolve all your drainage problems with our exacting standards, personal supervision and years of experience. All your domestic/industrial drainage issues resolved.

  • Wastewater treatment plants installed/repaired
  • Septic tanks installed/repaired
  • All types of percolation areas installed/repaired/renewed
  • Greasetraps fitted
  • Repair and maintainance of all makes of existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Soakpits repaired and installed
  • Drains unblocked


What’s the temperature in septic tank?
Septic tanks do indeed have heat. On tests when the temperature outside was -5?C, with a wind shield of -10?C, the temperature in the septic tank was 20.3?C 2;You need to be at least 7 metres away from a septic tank/waste water plant to build.

How do you seal a septic tank?
You dont actually seal a septic tank as you need access to monitor and clean out.There is a lid/cover that can be removed.

How large should a septic tank be?
For a 3 bedroom house it should be around 2,500 litres,so around 850 litres per person.

Why can you smell the septic tank?
Every tank should should have a vent to take odours away and if it’s not there or if it’s blocked then you can have odours. Some things simply shouldn’t go down into the septic tank. These can cause problems with the decomposition of your sewage and lead to problems in your septic tank. Basically, you want to avoid letting cooking grease, oil or fat, industrial cleaning products, paints, solvents, feminine hygiene products, condoms, antibiotics and other expired medications, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, or gasoline go down the drain. The disruption of the sewage breakdown can cause pungent septic tank odour.

How do you unclog a septic tank?
To unclog and clean out is the same.You use a vacuum tank and you use rods to clean out the pipes as well.

What are the requirements to installing a septic tank?
The requirements of installing a septic tank are on the

Where is the septic tank vent?
The vent can installed on the lid of the tank or in the sewer line close to the tank.

Will paper decompose in a septic tank?
Paper will decompose in a septic tank.

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